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Northern Uproar Singles Retrospective

I’m a long time fan of these guys and hopefully you dig them. Northern Uproar are one of those hidden little Britpop gems with their career cut a little short before reforming in 2006.  Before the breakup they blessed us with one of the old great fan (or official?) website’s of the late 90’s, two stellar albums, and a set of quality singles.  Upon returning the band have released two albums though the albums have not yielded official singles as the band has gone the independent route.  Below is a walk through of those 7 singles from the 90’s.

A Girl I Once Knew

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An unsual track in that much like the previous single 'Any Way You Look' , it's a further departure from that Marshall sound and more muscially driven. Theres a focus on specific parts rather than maybe the whole sound. The drums are solid and upbeat while the guitar is expertly placed throughout and never really out of place A stand out part is the backing melodies while the only drawback is the start of the song on Vocals. It seems like it took Leon a little to get into the song that take. He had better moments. You can watch/listen here: