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Northern Uproar Singles Retrospective

I’m a long time fan of these guys and hopefully you dig them. Northern Uproar are one of those hidden little Britpop gems with their career cut a little short before reforming in 2006.  Before the breakup they blessed us with one of the old great fan (or official?) website’s of the late 90’s, two stellar albums, and a set of quality singles.  Upon returning the band have released two albums though the albums have not yielded official singles as the band has gone the independent route.  Below is a walk through of those 7 singles from the 90’s.

Living It Up

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Go watch this video and revel in the perfect youthful bliss of 90's britpop videos. It rival's Parklife for it's capturing the moments of a segment of british life - this time a focus on lad life. The song is another pedal to the floor speed through from the boys. There's no real deviation of sound from the previous two singles, but that not meant to bring it down. There was a formula and Northern Uproar cranked out these songs with ease. The b-sides 'Stonefall' and 'In my world' could along with several other single's b-side have been on an album. Goodbye in acoustic form here appeared on the 2nd album.