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Northern Uproar Interview With Louder Than War

As you know we’ve been promoting to everyone that will listen that a new Northern Uproar album is currently being made. The good news is they’ve reached their goal on Pledgemusic, and hopefully we’ll be hearing some more stuff soon. To help promote the album and pledge they spoke to John Robb’s site Louder Than War. For those unaware of the site I’ll sum it up like this: Imagine a kitchen sink being thrown at your face while drinking a really fine scotch on a beautiful fall day in your underwear.

Here is an except from the interview on how the album will sound. We’re buzzing!

“So how does the album sound, I’ve read it has a ‘heavy feel’ with a few acoustic songs on there as well?

Leon: it sounds, yeah, ‘heavy feel ‘ that would describe two thirds of it, pretty raw, all of us playing in a room, then there’s a few that we got the acoustics out on for a bit of light and shade

Chris: It feels like a a strong album to us ,all killer, no filler, we had 40 songs to go at. So plenty of choice, our producer Chris Hamilton has brought a really fresh sound to it all”

Head on over to louder than war for the full interview.

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