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Northern Star Records release psych rock podcast ‘Revolution in Sound’

They’ve done compilations, albums and even festivals. Now, UK-based independent label Northern Star Records have proven their dexterity yet again, this time releasing a free podcast of live music from the 2014 Northern Star Weekender.

As label owner and podcast DJ Scott Causer says, ‘Revolution in Sound’, allows listeners to “experience all the great music” of the Weekender “without all the alcohol abuse and strange people and general shenanigans”. Well, general shenanigans and strange drunk people may sound like half the fun of a psych rock festival, but ‘Revolution in Sound’ manages not only brilliant music. With Causer’s jovial, laid-back approach to podcast hosting and the show’s general off-the-wall sense of humour, ‘Revolution in Sound’ is a lively jaunt through excellent independent music.

Already #10 in the indie charts, ‘Revolution in Sound’ seems to have struck a chord with listeners. Featuring 16 unique bands ranging from Wales’ heavy psych rockers Soundwire and Sweden’s bold and moody Youngteam, to the atmospheric, gentle touch of Manchester’s Daniel Land, Revolution in Sound offers a huge soundscape packaged perfectly into a blissful hour-and-seventeen minutes.

Best of all, there’s apparently more to come, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open!

REVOLUTION IN SOUND #1 – Live Revolution by Scott Causer on Mixcloud

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