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Noel Gallagher’s History With Betting

800px-Noel_Gallagher's_High_Flying_Birds_@_Mexico_City,_April_10th,_2012Last we heard from Noel Gallagher, the always-colourful singer-songwriter had reconciled with brother Liam (at least for the time being) to bring Oasis’ music to Spotify. We also found that hilarious supercut of Noel throwing jab after jab at his old band’s music videos, which is definitely worth seeing if you somehow haven’t watched it yet. But in the case of this post, we wanted to take a look at the now 46-year-old’s history with something you may not realize hits close to him: betting.

Although not on his own terms, Gallagher’s most run-in with the gambling world came when bookies starting placing odds on whether Oasis had it in them to get back together for Glastonbury 2014. According to NME, there were 16/1 odds at one point for the band to reunite and headline the event. That number has dipped to 9/1, however, and are likely to continue fluctuating as we get closer to the reveal of the festival’s lineup. There’s a lot at stake here, especially for fans of the band, and we’ll simply have to bide our time for anything to come of all this speculation. As you may know, Oasis svengali Alan McGee said that no such reunion will happen this year—but maybe he’s trying to quell the rumours so they can do things on their own terms. We’ll see.

As for Gallagher’s gambling of his own, one of his most prominent displays occurred in early 2013. That’s when it was revealed that he actually placed bets on when his friend/actor Russell Brand’s marriage to Katy Perry would end. According to Express‘s report, Gallagher said that he actually came closest amongst all their friends on the wager, though no one revealed who won or what the prize was. What a shame.

But back in 2011, Gallagher took to his personal tour blog, Tales From The Middle of Nowhere, to comment on his travels on the time. And toward the end, he mentions that he hoped that year’s Carling Cup (now called the Capital One Cup) semi-final would have some interesting bets.

“I’m hoping the betting gets a bit more interesting this time… y’know… a doughnut and a glass of milk? An ice cream, maybe? Maybe some actual money will change hands this time!!!”

Hopefully he didn’t put too much money on the game, mostly because his beloved Manchester City failed to defeat Liverpool (who won against Cardiff 3-2 on penalties). This year, however, it’s looking great for Man City. According to numbers from Betfair Betting, the team has 2/11 odds to win while the opposing Sunderland has 11/2 odds. With that in mind, if Gallagher’s looking to make it interesting and put cash (and not ice cream) on the line, it’s looking good for him to do so with Man City.

As it turns out, Gallagher’s betting/soccer-related antics go back quote some time actually. Back in 1998, he appeared on the show Soccer AM—it was one of his many visits to the set—and threw down a 20-quid bet against an unknown British celebrity. The wager was that the guy couldn’t nail a spot kick at a small target. As you’ll see in the video below, Gallagher didn’t have it in him that day to win. He also hasn’t changed much, has he? Here’s hoping he never does.


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