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Noel Gallagher unlreased song “The dying of the light”

Ok, you guys, this is yet another Oasis rarity I’ve missed. Please educate me here and now for I am: not educated in rare oasis songs. The dying of the light sounds quite a bit like Wonderwall – then again so does “whatever” and wouldn’t you kind of re-write songs that were successful in the key that you can sing? I would! I mean, if you’re Keane – you just rewrite shit and turn it further into shit. I’M KIDDING AROUND KEANE FANS PLEASE DONT HATE ME OK. (caps used for effect). But this is Noel Gallagher who has clearly mastered the ability to write music that never quite sounds “samey”. Even if it keeps the same tempo as “dad rock”.

Here are the guitar chords the dying of the light for those wanting them: Em, D, Cadd9, D


Noel Gallagher in Sunglasses

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