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Noel Gallagher Denies Working With Albarn, Oasis Reunion

NGallagher4Noel Gallagher is a killjoy. He has been tramping down all our Britpop dreams this past week. Speaking with Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy of talkSPORT Radio on August 15, Gallagher responded to claims by Blur bassist Alex James about an alleged collaboration between him and Damon Albarn. He denied the claims by saying, ‘I read that Alex James said that — [but] it’s news to me!’ Earlier this month, James stated in an interview before Blur’s performance at Hungary’s Sziget Festival that Albarn and his new best mate Gallagher were now ‘working together on a lot of stuff.’ However, despite his denial of a current working partnership, Gallagher did not discount the notion of working with Albarn in the future. Fans should not give up hope.

During the same interview, Gallagher also ruled out the possibility of reforming Oasis to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their debut, Definitely Maybe, in 2014. His brother Liam told the NME in June that he felt the band had ‘unfinished business’ and hinted that he and Noel could ‘bury the hatchet for a quick lap of honour’ to celebrate the milestone. Noel’s response to the reunion rumors were extremely terse and negative. When asked if he would consider reforming the band next year, he responded with a short, sharp ‘no’ and added, ‘no, it definitely won’t happen.’ Definitely maybe?

Gallagher admitted that he isn’t completely against the idea of a future Oasis reunion, but his responses on the matter haven’t been very enthusiastic. ‘Look, who knows what would happen in, like, twenty years but twenty years from now, I’d be…sixty. I mean, really, hopefully I’ll end up retired by then.’ He confirmed that it would ultimately be his decision to reform the band and added that a reunion will happen ‘if I felt like it.’

The talkSPORT interview brought us one positive piece of news. Gallagher has confirmed that he has started working on a new Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds album. ‘I’ve got tons of songs left over from the last one. I’m writing, putting stuff together. Yeah, I’ll definitely make another one, that’s for sure.’ However, he hinted that the band may not tour the next album. ‘I don’t wanna go back out on the road, though – that’s the thing.’ The High Flying Birds’ previous tour lasted fifteen months. He explained, ‘I only stopped touring last year. I wouldn’t wanna go and see me once every two years — I’ve got no stage presence, there’s nothing going on.’ While the next album might not include a string of live dates, he hasn’t ruled out touring in the future.

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