Pretty Green

Noel Gallagher Come On Outside Unreleased Demo

Good news everybody, you can now have your “unreleased” Noel Gallagher demo fix for the week satisfied. Yes, this is now the third demo after in almost as many weeks to make it to the internets. First it was “O’Lord” next it was “She’s one of us” and now “Come on outside.” Is this good? Is this bad?
I can never tell because as a fan I love heaering this stuff. As a musician I hate this stuff because it does take away from the work and effort you put into making this. It most likely didn’t make the grade for album material according to Noel’s wishes. Will we see this on a later release? Who knows. Is it worthy of it? The hardcore fans will say yes, of course.

Here’s my solution to these unreleased songs. Release this crap as a limited fan ep – sold through the site on cd. That was it’s a non-canon release. Now it will make it to the torrent sites eventually because everything does, but at least you can monetize it rather than let this crap sit out there on the internets. Just keep the price something friendly in nature – 9.99 or what have you and let it be for the fans. We’re going to hear it anyways and we’re going to be the ones buying it too. Why not just let us not have to do illegal downloads or suffer through youtube? Everybody wins.