Pretty Green

Nights Out with a Difference

There are many ways to spend your night, whether it is staying it, or having a night out. Instead of simply doing something traditional though, why not do something a little off the beaten track? Here is a list of some different ideas for a night out.

Escape Rooms

If you are a fan of Saw, you’ll know the horror of being trapped in a room with no means of escape. Escape Rooms aren’t as deadly as the ones you see in films, but they can be just as fun. Trapped in a room, you’ll be fed puzzles and hints as to how to find the escape, but can you make it out on time?

Table Top Gaming

This form of gaming is having a comeback as of late, especially with the continued popularity of Dungeons and Dragons. There are many bars and cafes that are starting to offer table top areas, so why not make it a social experience? Or stay home and get some friends around to have some battles.

Food Crawls

We’ve all known about pub crawls for years, but in these more enlightened times, a new variation without as much alcohol can liven things up. Why not try a food crawl where you and a group of friends try styles of food that may be out of your comfort zone? It can be a lot of fun to experiment.

Bingo with a Difference

The world of bingo is ever expanding, especially with the rise of online bingo games. To liven things up on the street, and to keep people coming back, the new thing for bingo halls is to liven things up. Do you like the idea of live music at a bingo night? Maybe even a bingo session in a pub setting? You can try options of bingo games, you just have to hunt them down.

There are many alternative forms of entertainment that can make a good night out. Take some time to hunt them out and you may find some new fun experiences waiting for you to discover them.