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Morrissey Publishes Debut Novel, List of the Lost

Morrissey Publishes Debut Novel, List of the Lost

In early 2014, hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed, Penguin insta-classic Autobiography, Morrissey alluded to a follow-up literary endeavour to be released at a future date. That date is finally here. Morrissey recently announced the imminent publication of his debut novel, List of the Lost. Many details of the novel, including its plot, […]

Johnny Marr’s ‘Playland’ Out October

Johnny Marr has announced details of his second solo album. Titled Playland, the follow-up to his 2013 solo debut The Messenger will be released on October 6, in conjunction with the lead single,  ‘Easy Money.’ The album will be available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Marr’s sophomore album was written while on the road […]

5 Trips Through Morrissey’s Manchester

‘My childhood is streets upon streets upon streets upon streets. Streets to define you and streets to confine you, with no sign of motorway, freeway or highway,’ begins Morrissey’s Autobiography. Even the vaguest sentiment regarding his hometown exudes a certain lamp-lit melodrama. Morrissey’s lyrics undoubtedly bear a debt to the raw, post-industrial romanticism of Manchester […]

Watch Morrissey at Les Eurockéennes 2006

If you’re in the middle of Morrissey’s brilliant Autobiography, now would be an excellent time to watch Morrissey’s 2006 set from the French festival, Les Eurockéennes. The set consists almost entirely of songs from Morrissey’s later albums, You Are The Quarry and Ringleader Of The Tormentors. Morrissey throws in a contemporary b-side and three spectacular […]

Morrissey’s Autobiography Out October 17 in UK and Europe

True to You, Morrissey’s semi-official fansite, announced on Thursday that his forthcoming memoir, simply titled Autobiography, has finally been issued a release date. The 480-page paperback will be available in Europe and UK shops, as well as online retailers, on October 17. The publication date has been confirmed by Penguin Books UK and is already […]

Morrissey To Publish Autobiography in UK and Europe

True to You, Morrissey’s semi-official fansite, revealed on September 12, that Morrissey’s highly-anticipated autobiography was scheduled to be released on September 16. Publication of the succinctly-titled Autobiography, which was to have been granted immediate Penguin Classic status, was put on hold due to a last-minute content disagreement. In an official statement, it was reported that […]