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Mysterious Stone Roses Posters Appear In Manchester

Mysterious Stone Roses Posters Appear In Manchester

Manchester fans are speculating about a major upcoming announcement from Stone Roses today. It seems that a series of posters depicting the band’s iconic lemon logo have appeared overnight around the city. Confirmed sightings of the lemon include the Close barber shop on Greater Ancoats Street and the Vinyl Revival record store on Hilton Street. […]

Planning the perfect 1990s weekend

To celebrate the arrival of a brand new Suede song, we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit the Britpop glory years and try and recreate the perfect 1990s weekend. Although much has changed in the past twenty years, there are still a few amusing ways that you can relieve the days when […]

Morrissey Publishes Debut Novel, List of the Lost

In early 2014, hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed, Penguin insta-classic Autobiography, Morrissey alluded to a follow-up literary endeavour to be released at a future date. That date is finally here. Morrissey recently announced the imminent publication of his debut novel, List of the Lost. Many details of the novel, including its plot, […]

Star Shaped Club to feature My Life Story’s Jake Shillingford in his only London date

Well, it’s hardly surprising. The UK’s biggest Britpop night has outgrown its first venue. Known for selling out their events and doing it with trademark style, Star Shaped have gone from strength to strength since launching in February. In light of their surging popularity, Star Shaped have moved from The Garage’s upstairs room to its main room […]

Tips for musicians to avoid RSI

One of the most common problems that musicians encounter is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Musicians who play their instruments for long periods of time are at a higher risk of suffering from RSI. Musicians who suffer with RSI may be forced to stop playing any instruments for a while in order to recover. RSI is […]

Marblehead Johnson – Britpop tribute band to hit London

Marblehead Johnson are coming to London….   October 9th see’s one of the UK’s premier Britpop tribute bands hitting the Half Moon in Putney. Marblehead Johnson are keeping the Britpop flame well and truly alive in a show packed with Britpop favourites, fuelled with a passion for the era combined with genuine talent. The music […]

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Britpop reunion tour – who would you want to see?

It’s been mused over for years. If the Woolies bargain bin pop fodder from the 90’s have managed to scrape together a line up and market what appears to have been a shockingly successful 90’s reunion tour, then surely the Britpop revival is a no brainer? There are bound to be reasons as to why […]

Mixtape memories

You fell in love with someone, you made a mixtape. You fell out of love with someone, you made a mixtape. You felt miserable, you made a mixtape. You felt happy, you made a mixtape. This was the 90’s. We didn’t have the luxury of Twitter giving us the platform to steal our loved ones […]