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Lets Watch Miles Kane Play Guitar In A Closet

I imagine at some point in every strapping young lad’s career they have to do things that when looking back years later they would admit was a little unusual. Like playing in a 4×4 former elevator, or closet, by yourself with only a camera to look awkwardly at. But this is where Miles Kane then […]

Let Me Introduce You To Miles Kane Old Band The Rascals

The Rascals were an indie rock band from the Hoylake, England. Consisting of Joe Edwards and Greg Mighall and Miles Kane. They really didn’t achieve much success as far as popular numbers but they did get some press because..well who knows..but I can only speculate that they did because they made some good songs. Right? […]

Miles Kane interviews

I put together a few interviews for you to get the run down on miles. These are all, of course, terrible, because all interviewers for tele are terrible, but you may like this? You may like Miles more, I don’t know? People seem to dig these kind of things. I feel so terrible for the […]

Miles Kane Day

Today is the first annual Miles Kane day! YAY! I’m doing this because Miles is an artist you need to be getting into. Mostly because he crafts catchy and quality psychedelic pop song’s. AKA BRIT-POP. Miles is  a young buck whose also into Mod fashion so that is an A+ in our book, right? IT IS OK! […]