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Blur – Leisure – 25th Anniversary vinyl re-issue

We all love a re-issue, and the past couple of years (and couple of years to come) have been and will be littered with them. I have purchased a few and have a few lined up, but each one is procured with a ritualistic moment of reflection. I say reflection, it’s more like a day […]

Supersonic – The Documentary

  It’s what all Oasis fans have been waiting for. Even non-fans are aware of the tumultuous relationship between Liam and Noel, the spats that left other band members seemingly walk from the line-up, the iconic gigs that drew crowds of thousands and left us with some of the most talked about backstage antics of […]

Holidays to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

  We live in an age where we want instant gratification, and excitement, and we are given plenty of chances to get it. Below is a list of holiday ideas that are designed to raise your excitement and get your heart pumping, with a nice healthy burst of adrenaline. Bungee Jumping The beauty of the […]

Alternative Bingo Nights in London

  If bingo is to survive in the modern age, it has to go through some changes. Online bingo sites have given it a new surge, but what can bingo off the computer do to survive? In London there are a variety of options that are popping up that show a positive future for the […]

Things to do in Shrewsbury

  While Shrewsbury may not be the first place you think of when you plan a luxury holiday, it is in fact quite a beautiful place to visit. Located next to the River Severn in the county of Shropshire it is a historical town that offers plenty of things to do and visit. Here are […]

The Cult of Free Love return with debut album Love Revolution

Following on from the release of their debut sell-out 10″ single ‘Love Is All There Is’ last summer, the mysterious North Wales band The Cult of Free Love are back with their debut album, Love Revolution. Featuring collaborations with artists known to the Northern Star Records collective of musicians, Love Revolution is one of 2016’s most […]