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New Noel Gallagher Album Coming March 2015?

There are rumors spreading in cyberspace that Noel Gallagher will release his next studio album in March 2015 with a full tour in support. If these rumors are to be believed, we could even have two singles released before year end.

There’s hardly any corroboration to this story so everything is hearsay at this point but it gives us all a little hope, right? Re-reading this NME article from earlier this year only feeds that hope. Noel’s Gallagher’s long-term associate Mark Coyle said, “Noel’s new album is fucking great,” said Coyle.”It reminds me in some respects of the spirit of ‘Definitely Maybe’, because it’s so obviously exciting. That boy is from a different planet, and even the fans won’t believe how utterly amazing it is.”

I mean, would we expect any less?

Fingers crossed this news is true!


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