Pretty Green

New Music: The Heavy Jets

The Heavy Jets wrote us and asked us to review the music and many thanks for doing so. As a reminder: we did a calling all britpopish bands to send in some information and we’ll take a listen and also put you on the site.

Recently The Heavy Jets, a band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, had the chance to play for Alan Mcgee at Brixton Jamm. They have supported The Coral and were supporting The Earl Grey in November as well. The Heavy Jets are currently recording their Debut EP “Scoundrels Symphony” and have a few demos up on sound cloud. The reason they wrote us is because they have a new song out called “the hold”.  You can listen to it above.

If you’re wanting a musical point of reference to guide you the song has roots in the Bluetones and Morning Glory era Oasis sound.

You can listen to other songs here as well or like them on facebook.