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New Music! Sister Rose From Australia

Remember our previous story asking for submissions? This band was the first one to respond and gosh we are really glad they did. #1 It’s because Aussie’s are like the family members you see every so often and absolutely love them more each time. They’re those “brothers from another mother.”  They’re the ones you go out for drinks with after your family gathering winds down. They always have some wild and crazy story updating their life about battling ninja on the nile, or taking down ultra corrupt corporations with brilliant legal maneuvers, and you in some ways are jealous, but in many ways proud. I mean, Australia is home to 7 out of the 10 worlds most deadly animals. The fact that kids survive to adulthood is a miracle – surely they have some stories of tangling with box jellyfish. So, that’s Aussies to me – I love them. And when they were the first I said YUP because that’s how I and this website rolls.

Sister Rose encompasses all things endearing to Australia in their music. Just listen to the first track “Whatever you’re feeling” and that picture I painted for you should be there smacking you in the face like a Box Jellyfish tentacle. So With that said I proudly present to you a band you need to like – Sister Rose from Adelaide Australia.

Whatever you’re feelin’

Passage of arms

Like what you see then like SisterRose on facebook here. Lets pray they have a song about Toowoomba or finding a funnel web spider and totally killing it with a stare or something equally as amazing.