Pretty Green

New Music Monday – Dodgy – Tripped and Fell

This tip came in from another blog called Mrscottmusic. Thanks! Apparently Dodgy had released an album 2 months ago and I missed it. For shame! ARGH! So, this is the first track off the new album “Stand Upright In A Cool Place”. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it though.. I like it, but on the other hand it doesn’t resonate with me. Dodgy has always been that way however. It’s always a case of me either liking it quite a bit, or I’m just on the fence with it. It’s a solid song no doubt filled with heavily reverbed guitar with soaring vocal harmonies. You can’t really go wrong. But……There’s a comment on the video saying that it’s a “mature” track, and, I guess, I agree.  Listen and see what you think.

If it’s not playing for you, just adjust the quality to 480.