Pretty Green

New Music! – Darktown Jubilee

Another band in a long line of Manchester acts has arrived! This song called “Stay” by the band Darktown Jubilee is well produced and I think something the crowd here would dig. You’ve got sweet melodies, introspective lyrics that would fit into the “post britpop” thing, and a sing along chorus banged over your head a few times.

Two stupid and totally pointless things I don’t quite get:
1. Maybe it’s my laptop speakers but how you can make “stay” sound so much like sleep or speak? Is it me?
2. I’m a little thrown off by the music video and feel like it’s some messed up night at the bar where I drank too much, did some things I never do with people I really hate, and then blacked out in the hallway floor. Only the crazy thing is that I wake up still drunk but not a good kind of drunk where you want to an entire bag of doritos, I’m talking the nasty drunk where you know something’s night right because you lose feeling in your legs randomly. And then about 15 minutes later the monster hangover begins but that’s not really the worst part, because the worst part is where every hour or so you suddenly get a “oh yeah I did that” flash to the night previously and think oh god what did I do with that girl. Then a few hours later you realize it was some girl you worked with at the office whom you totally hated and went out of your way to make life miserable for all involved and her you, but somehow you got the bright idea that it was all a joke and she was kind of cute. But she’s not, and she hates you with a passion. I’m talking that kind of messed up night at the bar.

Like I said..totally pointless things to think about..

Lets give the lads a shot because they’ve got something good going so far.

Darktown Jubilee – Stay