Pretty Green

New Martin Rossiter (Gene) Song

The ever continuing saga of musicians going to Pledge Music to help fund her album. The cool thing for us is that we can get cool stuff by donating and the other thing is that we can help our musicians that we have come to love continue to output music where they have the chance have their own say. So in comes “No One Left To Blame” – The third song on ‘The Defenestration of St Martin’ by Martin Rossiter.

The track listing for the album is:

  1. Three Points on a Compass
  2. I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone
  3. No One Left To Blame
  4. Sing It Loud
  5. Where There Are Pixels
  6. I Must Be Jesus
  7. My Heart’s Designed for Pumping Blood
  8. Drop Anchor
  9. Darling Sorrow
  10. Let the Waves Carry You