Pretty Green

New Britpop Music Monday – The Heavy Jets from Newcastle

When we talk about Britpop it can mean any number of sounds. It could be the British Pop sound in general which could encompass Kylie and the like. There’s that movement in the early nineties that was branded Shoegaze but one could make a case for them being britpop in some case. Then there are bands that are definitively taking the Oasis era sound of Britpop and continuing on that path. The Heavy Jets fall square into this category. Personally I feel these guys sound their best on two songs – Come Around and For The Worst. On those songs  the have found that knack for nailing a heavily guitar driven song with a memorable chorus into your skull. If that’s your cuppa then you’ll like what I’m about present to you here.  They are currently recording their Debut EP “Scoundrels Symphony” and we look forward to hearing more from these guys as they progress.

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