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New Britpop Music Monday – Gentry (former Menswe@r)

Remember Menswear? Or as they were sometimes known, Menswe@r. I lovingly refer to them as Britpop’s boyband. Anyway, Nuisance still holds up as a great Britpop record. ‘swe@r guitarist Chris Gentry has spent the post-Britpop years working behind the scenes in the music industry. He briefly played with Vatican DC then teamed up with fellow former ‘swe@r member Simon White. The pair manages quite a few indie bands including Phoenix.

Chris Gentry and his cousin (at least, I think it’s his cousin) Rob Gentry are collaborating and have recently released two songs on Soundcloud under the very appropriate name Gentry. Gentry sounds nothing like Menswear so if you’re expecting another “Daydreamer” you’ll have to look elsewhere. Gentry’s sound is very 2012 bringing to mind acts like Passion Pit.

Check out these two Gentry tracks and let us know what you think in the comments!

Outside (1st Demo) by -GENTRY-

Not Like Me by -GENTRY-

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