Pretty Green

New Blur Song – Under The Westway

What do you think of this new song by Blur Under The Westway, you guys? Is this Blur treading into dad-rock territory? Is this a problem? There are a lot of questions for me with Blur. First off there is the will they or won’t they reform question. Then there there’s a lot of piano here and not a lot of Graham. And that’s probably my real problem, I guess.

I really like Graham Coxom and really think he adds a lot to songs. Then again he does do some parts here and there. However I’m left feeling he’s more what Nick Mccabe became relegated to in the Verve. Just the spacey twiddly bits. Is that a bad thing? Is that what the dynamic of this song or this band at this time is?

So I ask is that where they’re going? Maybe they’re going into this area where they’re just contributors to good quality songs, not amazing mind you. Or maybe they do surprise you and hit you with an amazing song. Lets face it these guys are in their 40’s now. At some point you tone things down and grow up. We’ve also had 5 amazing albums out of this collective with an enormous amount of b-sides. Can’t they run dry at some point in time?