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New Albums of Arctic Monkeys, King Krule and Franz Ferdinand

by Maria Silko

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Arctic Monkeys “AM”

The Arctic Monkeys’ new album has just been released, but many fans have already had a chance to listen via free iTunes streaming. I got to listen to it early, and it really made my day. I might even buy the album as a way of saying thank you for the good music. I might even buy an album after its official release (9th of September) as a way of saying thank you for the good music.

The album in general is more experimental sounding than their previous works and that’s what I love about it. The latest video “Why’d you only call me when you’re high” with super-wasted front man Alex Turner already has 3 million+ views on You Tube. I bet it’s all because of booty call.

The band’s next concert dates are already announced: 23rd October – Manchester, 32 October – Birmingham.

My personal favorites: Do I Wanna Know?, Why’d you only call me when you’re high, Knee Socks.

King Krule «6 Feet Beneath The Moon»

Before listening to the album I couldn’t get why it is the most anticipated record of the year. I just didn’t expect much from a 19 year old kid. And you know what?! I changed my mind after I listened to the «6 Feet Beneath The Moon». First of all, Archy sounds way more mature than I thought and moreover the whole atmosphere of the songs just makes you want to soak in it and enjoy every second. I can’t even explain what’s so special about this guy… Maybe he simply has it in his genes. With his dad working for BBC and his mom being a huge fan of hip hop, such a great sound seems quite natural.

My personal favorites: «Easy Easy», «Borderline», «Ocean Bed»

Franz Ferdinand «Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action»

«Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action» was produced by the musicians themselves. The music is simply filled with the spirit of the 60-s and its incredible. The record is a rare example how only 10 songs can be enough to brighten your day. It’s so infectiously dancelike that even inspires you to make a fool of yourself.

The album lives up to its name – right thoughts, right words, right action. Enjoy!

My personal favorites: all of it