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My Totally Fictional 3rd Oasis Album That Should Have Been Made Instead Of Be Here Now

The output of Noel Gallagher in the mid 90’s was utterly ridiculous.  I have a couple of points to make about this. The first is can you imagine in today’s day and age a band releasing 13 songs as throw aways like this is mind boggling.  I understand that in the 90’s and even to the mid 2000’s the “single” market mattered as a marketing medium for record companies in the UK, but in our world today it’s insane to think a label would toss away these songs in such a manner. At least they would put it onto some kind of EP, you know what I mean? Another fairly obvious point there are no more “sides”. You don’t flip a cd’s, and who buys a cd anyways, hence no side. Of course we did with tapes and vinyl so really it’s quite amazing to think that this lasted until the 2000’s and digital formats.  Another point is can a band play these songs on a whole tour. You could make a case any band would be glad to have this list, and of course any band could play these, but do these songs fit together into an album format? Or a live setlist?  Can they also be played live?  Some songs sound better live than they do on record – Fade in/out case in point. There is another point which is ego driven and that is does the band want to play it. Some songs are better recorded but left at that. Another example is I hope I think I know was never played live so you could make a case that even were a song to be put onto an album it still doesn’t matter.

Another thought is that sometimes these songs are recorded at the same time so their sound is different. Maybe they recorded it in early 1994 and then late 1994 at another studio. And do they also fit within the album sound wise. Cae in point Fade Away probably doesn’t make it onto a album with Masterplan (unless, I guess, you’re blur).  And that’s where my totally fictional Oasis album comes in. In the context of this post with the music market not dictating you release singles this would be my 3rd Oasis album were they to use the other tracks for the follow up. Considering they had 13 total it’s not that hard. So here is the track-listing I would follow.



  1. Round Are Way on Wonderwall
  2. Step Out b-side on Don’t Look Back In Anger
  3. Whatever
  4. Underneath The Sky on Don’t Look Back In Anger
  5. Rockin Chair on Roll With It
  6. Talk Tonight on Some Might Say
  7. It’s Better People on Roll With It
  8. The Swamp Song on Wonderwall
  9. Acquiesce Oasis on Some Might Say
  10. Half The World Away on Whatever
  11. (It s Good) To Be Free on Whatever
  12. The Masterplan Oasis on Wonderwall