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My Favorite Picture Of John Squire

John squire playing guitar during one love videoJohn Squire of The Stone Roses has been in and out of the limelight over the years and quite a few shots have been taken of him. He’s aged quite gracefully over the years and along with having the goddamn best hair on the planet 20 years running the man looks pretty good with a guitar.

This picture, I think from one of the music mags of the time either melody maker, select, or nme, is one of my favorites. It shows a man totally at ease with smoking a cancer stick.


It shows a man totally at ease with himself. It looks like the 91 one love shoot if I’m not mistaken which puts the roses pretty smack in the middle of that “we’re amazing and everyone else is not” phase they were in. I love the Jag around his waist, the long shaggy hair, and then the cig. It’s all just so rock.

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