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Must Listen: Charltans B-Side Who Wants To Know

“Who wants To Know” by the Charlatans Uk is a WONDERFUL song and I really hope you like it. It originally appeared on the bands first single “Indian Rope”. Who wants to know has all the great aspects of the early “Some Friendly” Charlatans sound. What I like is how heavy it leans towards 60’s garage rock.

The song follows the path of White Shirt and Only One I Know with the baggy beat and bassline but I think it’s just unique enough to be great. Also, Jon Bakers guitar near the end. While I like Mark Collins I do miss this particular sound. Even if Jon Baker seemingly was simplistic and had only a few runs he managed to pack in a shit hot album of riff’s/sounds. Speaking of what the hell is Jon Baker doing these days anyways. Talk about a man who disappeared into thin air.