Pretty Green

A Musical Trip Down Memory Lane

Earlier this month, Jamie and I sat down and went through our entire stash of CDs. The. Entire. Stash. We’re talking hundreds of plastic cases and albums stuffed into large bins that had been sitting in our basement for… years. These days, we listen to the majority of our music digitally. We do purchase CDs on occasion when we have an emotional attachment to a band, but usually when we want a keepsake item we go for vinyl. The last physical CD I remember buying is the first Arctic Monkeys album the year it came out. How times have changed!

It was fun going through our stash and taking a musical trip down memory lane. We unconsciously formed emotional bonds with some of the CDs. For example, the D’You Know What I Mean single sparks a very specific memory for me of being in my bedroom listening to it for the first time. Then I remember seeing the video for the first time, which was landmark for me. Of course I’d been an Oasis fan for years, but for whatever reason, that MTV “World Premier” of the video sticks out as a great memory.

We also uncovered some forgotten albums. Like an album I purchased as a teenager by Rialto. I hadn’t listened to that for years! (And probably won’t for years to come, haha.) We had fun finding duplicates of albums that we’d both purchased before we met. There was quite an overlap in discs by The Stone Roses, Verve, Oasis, Blur, Radiohead… and so on. We set aside some “must-keep” CDs that we’d grown personally attached to, and the rest went into a “to-sell” bin because we already have all the music digitally. It really illustrated the end of an era for us. I wonder if our parents felt this way when LPs went out of style.

We were thinking of offering our collection for sale to our readers – it would make a great starter kit for any new Britpop fan. Would anyone be interested in that?

It will be hard to part with these pieces of plastic that meant so much to us in our formative years, but knowing that we can pass them on to someone else for sonic enjoyment makes it a little easier.