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Music to Your Ears – HD Calls With Vodafone


Recently at Britpop News HQ, we’ve been feeling a little wistful and “low-def” in the way we listen to music. Digital music is a wonderful convenience and I will go so far as to say it’s improved our lives in many ways. We can get re-mastered and high quality recordings of albums produced 60 years ago and plug in HD headphones that make music into a full sensory experience. We don’t deny the greatness there. But there’s something to be said for a real vinyl record played on a turntable. It brings out a warmth and scratchiness that feels faraway yet personal. We’re psyched about the reunion of Ride so we immediately broke out Nowhere and sat on the floor, transporting ourselves to the summer of 1990 as the record spun. Every now and then the record gave out a warped — almost blurry — sound. Something that would be very annoying on an iPod but felt oddly nostalgic coming from the turntable.

I cannot apply the same nostalgic acceptance to mobile phones, though. When it comes to mobile calls, I want crystal clear and uninterrupted sound. I want high definition conversations. The good news – Vodafone now offers just that. With Vodafone’s HD voice call technology, mobile users with compatible phones can automatically switch to HD voice technology when in 3G range. This new technology improves the quality of each person’s voice while reducing background noise on every call between compatible Vodafone mobiles. Whether arranging a meeting with a business colleague, calling mum for her weekly Sunday call, or ordering Noel Gallagher tickets before they sell out, Vodafone understands why call clarity is so important and personal. To drive this point home, they’ve released a new series of videos showing why ‘Every Second Counts’. Take a look at this video to see one example of a crucial moment.

Have you ever had a moment where you could have used HD voice calls? Tell us about it in the comments!

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