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Morrissey Publishes Debut Novel, List of the Lost

In early 2014, hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed, Penguin insta-classic Autobiography, Morrissey alluded to a follow-up literary endeavour to be released at a future date. That date is finally here. Morrissey recently announced the imminent publication of his debut novel, List of the Lost. Many details of the novel, including its plot, are, thus far, shrouded in secrecy. Here’s what we do know: List of the Lost will be published by Penguin (apparently, Moz is having better luck with publishers than record labels). The book will be available only as a paperback. And, of course, Morrissey has shared his cover art.


And Penguin has released what they are liberally referring to as ‘an excerpt’:


Oh, and List of the Lost slated to hit store shelves tomorrow, September 24, so you better work on your quiff, grab some gladioli, and get in line immediately. For now, the novel is only listed as being for sale in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, but, we’re crossing our fingers for wider publication.

List of the Lost can be purchased on Amazon.


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