Pretty Green

Morrissey Plays Jimmy Fallon

If you can tolerate terrible video streaming from (anything they do) NBC and this goddamn player actually embeds so you can watch it, then you’re in for a treat. I mean, i’ve never seen a shittier player that has failed on more websites. And here’s the kicker: the video always restarts with an ad. And what the hell kind of UX is a forced page reload after watching a video. Can you cheese page views any more? If you can’t tell..I dislike certain aspects of their digital strategy.

So,but, about this video. ABOUT those THUG t-shirts and morrissey’s chest hair. I know you want to talk about that. Is that some kind of statement? This is Morrissey so there’s always something, am I right? My 2 second google search nets me no return at all on the shirts or any kind of morrissey connection. I mean, mozzer can do whatever he likes. Like I would. And the best thing is people will eat it up because of the Smiths and Suedehead and OMGHAIRDRESSERONFIRRRRRRRE. And you’ll make that noise most like the odd demonic noises at the end Morrissey makes.

And don’t forget to drive safely.

Thanks for the tip moz.