Pretty Green

Mod Monday: Bright and Bold

The winter has me feeling gloomy, so I’m trying to incorporate some more color into my wardrobe. A little bit of color therapy, if you will. Jamie has gone pretty full on crazy with Pretty Green – mostly due to their boxing day, or post christmas – however you view such things, sale. I believe last count he had purchased 3 new jackets, 5 new polo’s, 3 sweaters, a cardigan and a t-shirt. Given that he went overboard he’s been totally understanding of my desire to make a bit of a change in the wardrobe department. I discovered a new (new to me, at least) website that has some mod gems hidden within because Pretty Green as of right now does not produce women’s clothes. This new website has some really great basic pieces for decent prices — like the Benetton and Esprit collections. I’m eyeing some jumpers that would be great for work. But enough of the safe. Let’s talk color.

One of their clothing lines, Desigual, is touted at colorful fashion from Spain. They definitely have a European flair! With a little bit of diplomatic styling and digging through the site, some of these pieces can take you straight to the Britpop nightclub.

I like this shift dress for the juxtaposition between its simple, classic shape and the bold print. It comes in green and red and can be layered over tights and ankle boots for a retro look.


 Here’s another mini dress with a fun block print. It looks like a basic little black dress from the back, but when you turn around, you hit ‘em with a burst of color.


 Or maybe this one. I like that this has little sleeves and can be paired with just about any color shoe.


If separates are more your thing, this skirt looks like 60s pop art. It can be downplayed with a blazer or cardigan for work, and then when you’re headed to the bar after work, switch up the top with something more glam.


Again, styling here is key. If you’re going bright and bold, make sure you balance it out with the right hair, makeup, and accessories. Have fun with your fashion!