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Mod Men’s Pick of the Week: Watches

We’ve featured some style tips and picks for fashionable men on the site before, and will continue to share things with you as we come across them. But don’t forget that accessories complete your outfit, and sometimes even take it to another level. Have you seen Liam Gallagher with a cool scarf or pair of glasses? He knows how to accessorize. One area that you can accessorize with a more subtle piece is a wristwatch. Jamie’s side business was a rolex dealer so he was knee deep in watches this summer. Even if he couldn’t afford the 14,000 price tag of a USED one they were still great eye candy and we appreciate it’s ability to make or break an outfit. 

I love this Ben Sherman watch as an everyday timepiece from Nigel Ohara. It’s got a clean interface and simple but sophisticated leather strap. This would look fantastic with a Ben Sherman polo! As a related but unrelated side note in the early 2000’s this guy pictured below started out on Ebay selling items with a very “mod” like look. It was an interesting thing to see the guy 10 years later and think “oh yeah, I know him”. How did we recognize him? His hair. Of course. He also has not gained a single pound since then either. 

To dress it up a bit while still staying within a comfortable budget, this leather watch will go with anything and looks like something out of the late 60s.


If you’re willing to take a fashion risk, try this flashy, white watch. You need to have confidence to wear this one so don’t be afraid to make a statement.