Pretty Green

Mod Mens Pick Of The Week

Hello Monday! Why did you come out of nowhere! Go away already! Monday sucks! (Unless you have today off?) The proper way to say a week around the BPN office is to not do any work at all. Since I have some time to burn I’ll just look at clothing!

First understand that as a guy whose had a few cans over the years, and thus I carry a different kind of “6 pack” up front; the striped shirts can be hell, and make me look just that much more round. So, I say this lightly: here’s a nice shirt I found on the PG shop! I sau this because they’re thin stripes with subtle colours and that’s the only way I fly with the stripes these day.

SS Red Speckle Stripe Polo (small)
Product Description: Made from 100% cotton- Contrast speckle stripe- 2 button chest placket & chest pocket- Signature embroidered Pretty Green tab