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Fifteen Shades of Russell Senior

Fifteen Shades of Russell Senior

“I’ve got these mad staring eyes. At concerts people’d be dancing, but there’d be a pool of emptiness in front of me, with people looking terrified. I started wearing sunglasses so I wouldn’t disconcert people.” — Russell Senior Sunglasses are the apex of style accessories, representing the perfect fusion of utilitarianism and style. A swathe […]

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Mod Monday: Valentine’s Day Date Dress

Thursday is Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day, however you want to look at it). Whether you’ve got date plans with your significant other or you’re joining your best mates for an anti-Valentine’s Day pub crawl, you want to do it in style. This red and navy dress in an all over heart print is […]

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What Is Britpop Fashion?

We’ve been throwing the term “Britpop fashion” around quite a lot lately here on Britpop News. Many of you are probably scratching your heads and thinking, wait what? Britpop was fashionable? Certainly it has been remembered for being the complete opposite! Sure some of our favorite Britpop stars can be remembered for donning some questionable […]

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Mod Monday: Red T-Strap Heels

All mod girls need a reliable pair (or twelve) of T-strap heels in their closets. T-strap heels look good with just about every mini dress and are a great footwear alternative when it’s too warm to wear knee high go-go boots. These red heels by Chelsea Crew are positively adorable and have the added bonus […]

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Mod Dress of the Week

This week’s dress continues last week’s yellow theme. It’s another adorable frock that I would buy if San Francisco rent didn’t leave me so broke! I love the super mod Peter Pan collar and somewhat Asian-inspired cut of this dress. The canary yellow and tan design on the dress makes it all the more unique. […]

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Mod Dress Of the Week

When this dress first appeared on ModCloth, my friend Jessica sent me an email stating that she thought it deserved a place in my wardrobe. She’s right – the “Overture the Moon” dress is a great mod dress in a classic gold color that will serve mod girls well as we slowly but surely make […]

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Mod Pick Of the Week

Last week I started the “Mod Dress Of the Week” column and this week, I’m branching out a little bit. I’ve found a pair of shoes that I absolutely adore. They’re simple Mary Janes with a low heel but these types of shoes are a staple in every mod girl’s wardrobe. I actually own these […]

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Mod Dress Of the Week

Those of you who know me in “the real world” (AKA outside of these vast interwebs) know that I’ve got a rather unique style. My fashion sense combines the best bits of Justine Frischmann, Louise Wener, Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, Audrey Hepburn, and Ginger Spice. One day I’m rocking skinny jeans, a polo, and combat […]