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Britpop Style File: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia

Britpop Style File: Cerys Matthews of Catatonia

The Welsh songstress Cerys Matthews made a name for herself in the ’90s fronting Catatonia. In the post-Britpop years, she has remained a staple in the music industry with a successful solo career. Cerys’ distinctive vocals matched her ’90s style. She mixed it up with looks that were sometimes casual and other times glam. Dressed […]

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Mod Mens Pick Of The Week

Hello Monday! Why did you come out of nowhere! Go away already! Monday sucks! (Unless you have today off?) The proper way to say a week around the BPN office is to not do any work at all. Since I have some time to burn I’ll just look at clothing! First understand that as a […]

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Mod Monday: Shift Dress and Heels

Shift dresses are a staple of 1960s mod fashion. These short dresses often featured bright colors and geometric or angular accents. This dress from ModCloth hits all of the standard mod shift dress points. Bright color? Check! Straight lines giving it some structure? Check! Twiggy herself would probably have rocked this dress on Carnaby Street […]

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Mod Mens Fashion Pick Of The Week

Hi everybody! It’s Mod fashion Monday here at Britpop news and that means we’re going to give you some cool fashion picks we found from the week. We’ve done a lot for the Lasses so we’re going to play a bitch of catch-up for the boys. SoThis article is for the gent’s and from my […]

60s mod

Mod Monday: Peter Pan Collar Dress and Orange Bag

Peter Pan collars and mod style go hand in hand. This type of collar was found on many shirts and dresses in the ’60s and is still synonymous with the era’s particular fashion trends. This black and white dress from ModCloth brings us classic mod style without being too flashy. The black dress itself appeals […]

Louise Sleeper

Britpop Style File: Louise Wener of Sleeper

Sleeper’s Louise Wener was one of the reigning queens of Britpop. She fronted the Sleeperblokes with her Telecaster and sang Britpop anthems like “Inbetweener” and “Sale Of the Century.” Louise’s style was softer than that of fellow Britpop girl Justine Frischmann. Louise favored the current ’90s trends and donned a lot of sporty, stripped mini […]

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Mod Monday: Retro Dress & Gold Heels

This black, white and green dress has been recently added on ModCloth. Though it’s a little pricey, this dress is adorable and hits all of the mod points. Peter Pan collar? Check. Retro print? Check. The Diner Things in Life Dress from ModCloth You could pair this dress with flats or heels. I’m a big […]

Kenickie Britpop

Britpop Style File: Kenickie

These days, Lauren Laverne is famous for her work as a BBC TV presenter. In the ’90s, she fronted Kenickie. Kenickie combined the best elements of Elastica’s punk rock attitude, the Manic Street Preachers’ glam sensibilities and the Spice Girls’ “girl power” message. Lauren along with Emmy Kate Montrose and Marie du Santiago developed their […]

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Mod Monday: Teal Mini Dress

Every mod girl needs a few brightly colored solid mini dresses in her closet. You can pair them with almost anything. This teal mini dress affords you a wide range of options. It can be worn with various colors of tights (I think it would look darling with black or pink tights) and styles of […]