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Mod Monday: French New Wave Style

Mod Monday: French New Wave Style

Jean Seberg, Anna Karina, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve – the ladies of Nouvelle Vague, aka French New Wave. These fashion icons had impeccably chic French style: sexy, feminine, bold, and lots of stripes. Here’s a simple look with a little je ne sais quoi to make you look like you stepped out of À Bout […]

Mod Monday: Mod at Work

For those of us with professional careers, there’s no need to forego mod stylings at work. Save the loud patterns and colors for the weekend and instead opt for clean lines and HR-approved skirt lengths. Here’s a look I find stylish as well as office-appropriate. Foxtail Fern Dress in Leaf from ModCloth Found My Way […]

Jarvis Cocker: Your Britpop Style Icon

Jarvis Cocker just oozes with sex appeal, from his hip-swielving dances to his seductive voice. His outfits, while not over the top, still manage to draw attention, to the point where he won, in the same year, both NME’s Best Dressed and Worst Dressed. His style blurs the line between tacky and classy, garish and […]

Mod Monday: Formal Attire

Britpop gals aren’t always found on the dance floor or record shopping. Sometimes we find ourselves in formal situations like weddings, professional award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, and such. This doesn’t mean we have to wear generic attire – it’s possible to pull off a chic mod look on elegant evenings. Choose this sophisticated navy and […]

Mod Monday: Yellow A-line Skirt

I love this curry-colored skirt with buttons down the front, especially paired with a schoolgirl blouse. Paired with over-the-knee socks and loafers, this is a cute combination of bookish charm meets subtle sexiness. Billow the Decks Top from ModCloth – $34.99 from: ModCloth Curry Your Enthusiasm Skirt from ModCloth – $32.99 from: ModCloth A Leg […]

Photo by Gavin Craigie

Mod Monday: Pan Am Style

Now defunct Pan American Airlines has a rich history in the international airline industry and its own small place in the annals of retro fashion. The smart stewardess uniforms with infamous hats have become cultural icons for the time. Rather than recreate a costume that would look silly today, pay homage to this stylish look […]

Mod Monday: Darling Daisies

Here’s a cute vintage-inspired dress with a darling daisy print and retro silver buttons. I love the satin collar and tie-sash that gives you some shape. Paired with strappy sandals, a wide headband, and retro daisy earrings, this look will be perfect for a spring day. Mod for Each Other Dress from ModCloth from: ModCloth […]

Britpop Style File: Kula Shaker – Hush Edition

Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker has evolved his look over the years, going from casual early 70s psychedelia-inspired to more fancy early 70s psychedelia-inspired. In this 1997 video for Hush, he encapsulates a 90s twist on hippie chic with flared jeans, a tight t-shirt, and shaggy hair. Recreate this down-to-earth look without looking dated by swapping […]