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Pretty Green Debuts Spring Summer 15 Collection

Pretty Green Debuts Spring Summer 15 Collection

Pretty Green has debuted their newest collection, entitled The Production, as part of the Spring Summer 15 Black label collection. A showcase took place earlier this week (June 16) at the famous Gibson Brand studio, a legendary rock n’ roll HQ where Paul Weller, Miles Kane, and Primal Scream plan their tours. Like all Pretty […]

Mod shoes – This summers guide to loafing

There’s a huge question mark over the loafer, retro or rubbish? Cutting edge or over the top? Whatever camp you fall into, the loafer has been, well, loafing for decades. From the Small Faces to Madness. Weller to Gallagher. The notable style has always been championed but never more in the mainstream than now. The […]

Does England love Beer the most?

Do you think you know all the facts about beer? Well think again, as we’re sure this beer infographic from loveholidays will teach you a thing or two about the popular alcoholic beverage. You will discover fun facts such as the phobia name given for having a fear of an empty glass – it’s certainly […]

Mod Monday: Bright and Bold

The winter has me feeling gloomy, so I’m trying to incorporate some more color into my wardrobe. A little bit of color therapy, if you will. Jamie has gone pretty full on crazy with Pretty Green – mostly due to their boxing day, or post christmas – however you view such things, sale. I believe […]

Mod Men’s Pick of the Week: Watches

We’ve featured some style tips and picks for fashionable men on the site before, and will continue to share things with you as we come across them. But don’t forget that accessories complete your outfit, and sometimes even take it to another level. Have you seen Liam Gallagher with a cool scarf or pair of […]

Gallagher’s Pretty Green Previews 2014 Collection

Pretty Green, Liam Gallagher’s stylish fashion label, has previewed its Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The new designs take their inspiration from the bold psychedelia of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. The brand is deeply influenced by the styles which exemplify the personality and rebellion of rock n’ roll. Clearly, its lineage prevails across the breadth of […]

Pretty Green Doesn’t Plan To Offer Women’s Line

Female fans of Liam Gallagher’s fashion line, Pretty Green, will have to wait a long while before the label will add a women’s collection. In a radio interview with the XFM Evening Show’s Danielle Perry, Gallagher has said that he is not planning on introducing a women’s line to his label in the near future.  […]

Style Profile: Jake Bugg

Young songwriter Jake Bugg is wearing a Bottle Green Stripe Collar Pique Polo in the video “Two Fingers”. Here’s a screen cap below. We’ve written a little about Jake here and are mostly fans. Some songs better than others but on the whole worthwhile. My opinion is i’d like to see what he does on […]

Mod Monday: Mod at Work 2

Recently I posted a retro-inspired outfit that was stylish and still appropriate for work. I’ll admit this idea was somewhat borne out of selfishness as I sometimes need to dress up a bit to meet with clients. Here’s another outfit that would look professional during the day, and hip enough for happy hour. Best Ben-Day […]