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Mod Mens Pick Of The Week

Hello Monday! Why did you come out of nowhere! Go away already! Monday sucks! (Unless you have today off?) The proper way to say a week around the BPN office is to not do any work at all. Since I have some time to burn I’ll just look at clothing! First understand that as a […]

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Mod Mens Fashion Pick Of The Week

Hi everybody! It’s Mod fashion Monday here at Britpop news and that means we’re going to give you some cool fashion picks we found from the week. We’ve done a lot for the Lasses so we’re going to play a bitch of catch-up for the boys. SoThis article is for the gent’s and from my […]

Miki Berenyi Emma Anderson

What Is Britpop Fashion?

We’ve been throwing the term “Britpop fashion” around quite a lot lately here on Britpop News. Many of you are probably scratching your heads and thinking, wait what? Britpop was fashionable? Certainly it has been remembered for being the complete opposite! Sure some of our favorite Britpop stars can be remembered for donning some questionable […]