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Mock The Rockers: Spoofing Britpop on TV

Anything as full of distinct and outspoken personalities as Britpop is surely ripe for parody. Luckily, the fervor surrounding Britpop, with all its flash and fracas, coincided with some of the best British comedy shows of the ’90s. Naturally, the two were meant to meet for hilarity’s sake. Here are three of the best Britpop spoofs comedy geniuses were able to muster up during that great decade.

Rock Profile was a Behind-The-Music-type parody show that aired on BBC2 beginning in 1999. Comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams, later of Little Britain, played exaggerated versions of a plethora of musicians. The celebrities were interviewed by former children’s show host, Jamie Theakston. While the show should have been fairly straightforward, something about his questioning always seemed to bring out the eccentricities in his interviewees. It would be hard to choose the best spoofed musicians from the two Theakston-hosted series, but one of the best was definitely Blur. Theakston interviewed Matt Lucas as both ultra-Cockney Damon Albarn and Dave Rowntree, who really just doesn’t have much to say. David Walliams plays foppy Alex James and a slightly unhinged Graham Coxon. The best part, however, is Blur’s new song introduced at the end of the show, which you could skip ahead to here. I recommend you watch the full episode (below) and then watch this video of Alex James reacting to his fictional persona.

Rock Profile – Blur, part 1

Rock Profile – Blur, part 2

Next, let’s revisit part of an old episode of the madcap Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer program, Shooting Stars. The show is a bit difficult to explain, but in this clip you’ll see its most popular character, George Dawes (played, once again, by Matt Lucas), dressed as Brett Anderson. The resemblance is uncanny! And, bizarro Brett is quotable, too: ‘If you’re going to pick a fight with Suede, you’re going to pick a fight with the Suede fanbase.’

Finally, here’s a brilliant bit from Chris Morris’ news series satire, Brass Eye. The show featured a spot-on spoof of Pulp. Watch the band Blouse perform their song, ‘Me Oh Myra,’ a love song to Myra Hindley, below. The lead singer of Blouse is none other than Purves Grundy!

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