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Mock Oasis: Spoofing Britpop on TV 2

Last month, we posted a selection of Britpop spoofs that aired from the mid-90s to the early 2000s on British comedy programs. We revisited the glory of Blur on Rock Profile; Brett Anderson on Shooting Stars, and a Pulp parody on Brass Eye. But, arguably the most mockable band of the era were not represented. That’s because Oasis were satirized so many times that they deserved a post all their own. Perhaps since the Gallagher brothers didn’t need to be mocked to get laughs, their parodies are far more caricaturistic than their peers.

According to TV Offal, presented by one Victor Lewis-Smith, this is how ‘Wonderwall’ sounds to someone who has been drinking too much Lemsip. This distorted version originally aired on the Channel 4 show in the late 1990s.

Here is a ‘Behind the Album’ piece with Oasis from Funny Or Die UK. The ever-insightful brothers describe their new songs that.. well, just sound like Oasis. You’ll discover their 2008 hit ‘Wings of Love;’ a ballad called ‘Nicole;’ and the reggae-infused ‘Jammin In The Sunshine.’ As one of the Gallaghers explains, ‘It’s not hard, is it, making songs? It’s like making a sandwich for your face, innit.’ Truer word were never spoken.

Finally, here’s a 1996 parody from the show, Spitting Image, a horrifying British puppet show (almost as bad as Bo’ Selecta!). This is worth watching if you always wanted to see what the band would look like as marionettes. Or if you thought they already were a bit like puppets?

Two bonus laughs:

Oasis might not have known how to take it, but they could sure give it. The band ribbed Blur and ‘Parklife’ during their acceptance speech at the 1996 BRIT Awards. ‘Shitelife’ might be Oasis’ best song.

‘There are many ways that I would like to sing to you, but I don’t know how.’ Thom Yorke and a few members of American power-pop band, The Posies, mocked Oasis with an almost spot-on cover of ‘Wonderwall’ in a radio session for the CDC. Better than the original?


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