Pretty Green

Mixtape memories

You fell in love with someone, you made a mixtape. You fell out of love with someone, you made a mixtape. You felt miserable, you made a mixtape. You felt happy, you made a mixtape. This was the 90’s. We didn’t have the luxury of Twitter giving us the platform to steal our loved ones affections via cryptic online gestures . We weren’t in a world where relationships could be forged at the click of a mouse. Nowadays, wars of words ensue online between people who never have to have a cross word face to face. Modern day communications have never been so easy. Back in the day, relationships were maintained (or concluded) by one of two mediums – the landline, or the mixtape. The mixtape. It still makes me feel warm inside. Mainly because of the memories that they conjure. The chapters of my life that began and ended with a song. You put a cassette in front of a child now and it’s an alien concept. It’s retro. But was there any better way to convey an emotion or express a sentiment than through a TDK D90 (a D120 if it was a good month musically). There was no better foundation for a budding teenage romance than an hour and a half of bloody good tunes. You knew instantly that if you bonded over the music you’d be in this for a little longer than a grope behind B Block. This was love. This was matching band T-Shirt love! If I had my way all my daughters future boyfriends would be vetted through the TDK D90 application process; fill that in duck and we will get back to you (one whiff of David Guetta is an instant rejection). Mixtape favourites – discuss……?