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Miniskirt revival – 5 skirts to kick start your winter wardrobe

As winter looms and the great British summertime grinds to a shuddering halt, never has the mod staple – the polo neck and mini, been a more welcome revival.

Never really going out of fashion for the most part, catwalks have been gushing with revived love for the mod culture since the start of the year. Denim and suede back in full swing, an inch or two off the skirts, fabrics to die for and outfits that are so simple to throw together even your fella could do it and not cock it up.

Pioneered by 60’s icon Mary Quant and popularised by some of the most noteable models of the century (Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton to name one or two) the mini has survived years of fashion faux pas’ to remain a staple in most women’s wardrobes today. An idea borne from a dream by Quant to make simple yet stylish clothing that women can wear all day and yet move freely whilst looking good. Every woman’s dream, right? This might go some way to explaining why the 60’s look surpassed most other decades respective fashion fads to become a pivotal part in British fashion history.

Take a look at Britpopnews top 5 miniskirts to kick start your swinging winter wardrobe:


Cream Leather Mini – River Island


Camel Wool Skirt – Phase Eight


Buckle A-Line Mini – Topshop


Camel Corduroy A-Line – New Look