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Album Review – Miles Kane Colour Books with British Hooks

Is Miles first album is worth the listening to? Yes. Will you fall in love with it? No. Will you enjoy it as a nice new batch of songs? Hell yes you will.

Buy/Sell – A Buy
The Skinny – Album full of safe songs that contiue to develop his sound.
Why you should buy this album – A few choice gems like Rearrange, Better left Invisible, and Happenstance.

As I write above the album is safe. You’ll hear a few normal “my miiiind” chorus parts cut from the Noel Gallagher guidebook of songwriting. Case in point: He uses the word Acquience in the album’s title track. Ok, dude, I like the song, AND I like the usage of the word. It makes me sound smart, but couldn’t you have spent tad more time on that lyric? This is not a problem necessarily, but a continuation of Miles kitchen sink “sound” none the less. If you’ve followed him before you’ll be put off by some of the familiar hooks from his previous bands song’s to the point where you’ll think they’re rewrites. They’re not, but it shows the limits of his current sound, or, really, his voice. I’m being critical here when I saw he’s no Crooner. The changes he has made are subtle enough to merit continuing through his album however. You’ll probably enjoy Happenstance and Rearrange, but you might fall off as he treads into T.Rex land. It’s a good album with some warts so cherry pick the songs and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Buy it:


Better Left Invisible


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