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Menswear’s Nuisance Goes Platinum

Though it was released in 1995, Menswear’s debut album Nuisance has only just gone platinum. In 1995, it managed to make it all the way to number 11 in the British music charts and to number 25 in the Japanese music charts. Not shockingly, it didn’t even make a splash in the US.

On 16 November 2012, Menswear guitarist Chris Gentry was there to accept Nuisance‘s platinum pressing on behalf of his 90s band. This picture comes courtesy of Gentry’s Twitter feed:

If I had to choose an album that most accurately represents the Britpop sound and style, it would be Nuisance. From its ridiculous lyrics to its indie guitar pop hooks, Nuisance is the result if Modern Life Is Rubbish, Morning Glory, Dog Man Star, Elastica, and The It Girl were placed in a blender. The boys of the ‘swe@r dressed in smart suits and Fred Perry polo shirts. They wore their hair like the hip London mods before them. Their look and sound typifies Britpop.

Even in 2012, Nuisance divides Britpop fans. Some hate it just as much now as they did in 1995. My friend Sean refers to Menswear as a “fashion statement.” Others (like me) still love the ‘swe@r and Nuisance. Sure it sounds dated, but it’s a great guitar pop record and I’ll forever lose it when I hear songs like “Hollywood Girl” on the dance floor.

Check out these old singles from Nuisance and decide for yourself:

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