Pretty Green

Mensweargate 2012

According to Holy Moly, the Menswe@r Nuisance platinum story was nothing but an elaborate hoax by guitarist Chris Gentry and lead singer Johnny Dean did not find it funny (correction: He did!). Drummer Matt Everitt expressed his doubts about Nuisance being certified platinum to the NME:

“To be honest, the idea that Nuisance had sold 300,000 copies worldwide seems rather suspect to me, but Twitter appears to be very keen on the idea, so who am I to argue?”

In the end, Chris Gentry gets the last laugh but at the very least, ‘swe@rgate 2012 got all of us talking about a band that goes largely unmentioned these days. Perhaps this weekend, more indie dance clubs across the globe will spin “Stardust” with a cheeky grin.

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