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Menswear Reacts to Robbie Williams vs. Britpop

Have you been keeping up with Britpopgate 2013? Read our original piece on this debacle for a refresher. Last night, I posted my favorite reactions from Britpop stars to Robbie Williams’ tirade. Some of the bands were name checked on Robbie’s blog, others not. Today, Menswear’s lead singer Johnny Dean and drummer Matt Everitt have weighed on on having their band’s name tainted in Robbie’s diatribe.

Johnny Dean told the Nuisance Club blog:

“Silly c*nt seemed happy enough snorting my drugs in my bus at T in the Park ’95. In fact he was like a disease for “indie” bands back then. Couldn’t get rid of the f*cker. And you can quote me on that.”

Matt Everitt told the NME:

“I obviously wouldn’t put all of those bands in the same group, my band Menswear being the most artistically significant band in all of human culture. To put us in the same category as Salad, as Robbie did, seems a bit steep. Menswear weren’t manufactured, but I can see why people went on about the whole style over substance thing with us.”

Honestly, I’m not sure if Matt is trolling us all or what. Simon White weighed in on the matter yesterday but Menswear guitarist Chris Gentry (he of Nuisancegate 2012 fame) has remained tight-lipped. Also, what’s with the all the Salad hate? They had some great songs!

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