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Meet The Auteurs: 6 Songs

It never ceases to amaze how few people have heard the Auteurs. The release of their stellar debut album, New Wave, coincided with the burgeoning Britpop scene when the critically-acclaimed group was slated to be one of the major contenders. Quite mistakenly, the hype waned with the emergence of more poppy and accessible bands that were more in line with the media’s one-dimensional vision of ‘Britpop.’ Luke Haines’ cerebral songwriting is a natural extension of the Smiths and Suede, so fans of those two bands should give the Auteurs’ back catalogue a first (or second) listen. Here are six songs to begin your immersion into the gritty world of the Auteurs.

Show Girl, 1992

Lenny Valentino, 1994

The Upper Classes, 1994

Chinese Bakery, 1994 (What’s with Luke Haines and the canes in these videos?)

Light Aircraft On Fire, 1996

The Rubettes, 1999

Britpopping since I first heard 'Animal Nitrate' in 1993

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