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Meet The Auteurs: 6 Songs

Meet The Auteurs: 6 Songs

It never ceases to amaze how few people have heard the Auteurs. The release of their stellar debut album, New Wave, coincided with the burgeoning Britpop scene when the critically-acclaimed group was slated to be one of the major contenders. Quite mistakenly, the hype waned with the emergence of more poppy and accessible bands that […]

3 Rainy Day Smiths Songs

Here comes that rainy day feeling again. Morrissey’s sumptuously sorrowful voice is the warm caress one needs on such a sodden day. Here are three Smiths tracks that will perfectly soundtrack a rainy day (or any day you wish were rainy). ‘William, It Was Really Nothing’ A hard downpour is the backdrop for this song […]

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Le Pop Anglais: 8 Moments In Francophilia

Many English songwriters have realized that the best way to strengthen international relations is to enter into a musical alliance. The obsession with all things Gallic is shared by many top Britpop bands, who have sought to add a little je ne sais quoi to the glitz of their pop song perfection.  The language of […]

Do You Remember Me Me Me?

British musicians have had a taste for astonishing fans with their supergroups, side projects, and diverse collaborations since the 1960s. Many of these extracurricular groupings matched, and sometimes surpassed, the caliber of their original bands. British bands of the past twenty years followed this tradition, which made for some surprising alliances. Who would have ever […]

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Do You Remember Powder?

Remember Powder? Britpop’s answer to Hole, Powder was fronted by Pearl Lowe, who is arguably more famous for being famous than her contributions to England’s musical landscape. Pearl Lowe’s hedonistic lifestyle of partying, drugs, and partner-swapping fueled her celebrity and kept her face in the tabloids throughout the decade. She was a well-known fixture on […]

5 Great Smiths Love Songs

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, let Morrissey be your cupid. Sure, Morrissey is often associated with lyrics celebrating loneliness, humiliation, desperation, and heartache, but he is no stranger to beautiful expressions of sentimentality and stirring provocation. Here are five Smiths songs to soundtrack your amour. 1) Reel Around The Fountain (The Smiths, 1984) ‘Reel […]

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Fifteen Shades of Russell Senior

“I’ve got these mad staring eyes. At concerts people’d be dancing, but there’d be a pool of emptiness in front of me, with people looking terrified. I started wearing sunglasses so I wouldn’t disconcert people.” — Russell Senior Sunglasses are the apex of style accessories, representing the perfect fusion of utilitarianism and style. A swathe […]