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Mansun EP Two 03/06/96

mansun two ep

The second Mansun EP is easily the most raucous. Remember the joy of turning up the gain on your first electric guitar? Paul and Chad do and they let rip with Stove and Hib (Tony McCarroll to Andie Rathbone’s Alan White) giving punky support.
Take It Easy Chicken features Chad’s trademark ‘strangled chicken’ guitar noise and Drastic Sturgeon is a ridiculously fun song which immortalises budget supermarket Kwik Save.

The Greatest Pain I assume is about addiction recovery. Made notable for me by Paul’s pained delivery of ‘please don’t tell me that I’m Phil’. I may have misheard this lyric.
Moronica is one of Paul Draper’s favourites and it’s probably the most complete song from the first two EPs. It’s possible to have this one in your head for hours at a time with it’s winning harmonies and handclaps.

chart position – 32.

Many years later Marvin Gaye would add his wonderful vocal skills to the lead track.



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