Pretty Green

Mansun EP One 25/03/96

mansun ep one

Chad dirties up his sound over Hib’s baggy beats as Paul recites the most messed up nursury rhyme since Humpty Dumpty.
Ski Jump Nose is a call to arms for misfits. We’re all in this together. Keep it together. You ragamuffins!
Lemonade Secret Drinker beckons you to a dismal pub corner and tells you how worthless you’ve become since Les Dennis disappointed you on live TV.
Thief is easily the most unpleasant Mansun song (you make my c*** bleed anyone?) but notable for the proto Taxloss chords at the end.
Some dreamy acoustic noodling fades in and out again. The journey has begun. It’s a strange start and it’s only going to get stranger.

Chart position – 37


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